SMS Bit Coin Scams

I recently got an SMS saying my Account may have been crdited with 1 bitcoin (approx $4,000). I was requested to contact them or send a No message. Not understanding how everything links up on scams, I decided just not to answer it in case No allowed them to get into my system.


You did the right thing.

If you receive any unsolicited offers (such as a given a bitcoin, free offer from a retailer etc), it will be a scam. You should only ever respond to callers, emails or text messages from those you know of those you have contacted and requested information. Anything else will either be spam (unsolicited advertising material) or scams…and best to ignore them.

If you get an email, check the sender’s email address (not the nickname but the one which is Often spam/scams come from emails/computers which have been hacked and will have an email not relating to the company purported to send the email. Also do a google search as often you won’t be the first to receive such scams or spam.

If you do respond, they will know that your email or phone is active and will then bombard you with more messages/scams/spam.