Small footprint top loader washing machine

We are looking for a short depth top-loader washing machine. (Not in a position to get a front loader due to space required for mother’s disability hoist to access adjacent toilet in laundry.).

We have looked at models Solt 5.5kg GGSTLW55B and Esatto 5.5kg ETLW55B online so far which have a depth of 525mm - but large numbers of verified reviews say these are not reliable or supported. I don’t think machines of this capacity will be durable enough to last a couple of years given amount of bedding to be washed regularly.

The machine to be replaced is 59cm deep (not including clearance at the back ~15 cm). That’s definitely the maximum depth constraint. It needs to be placed in a corner with adequate side clearance. The plumbing at the back of the machine must include a drainage hose long enough to reach the adjacent laundry trough. We need water inlet hoses for hot and cold to fit existing washing machine taps as we don’t have a mixer tap.

I don’t know if the above ask is at all feasible - part of what I’m trying to find out.

Does anyone have a recommendation/feedback from their lived experience with a machine that may fit the bill please? Australian-made preferred but not essential if local support is good. (We are in Melbourne).

Thank you.


Have you contacted a Disability Support organisation in regards to your needs? They may have a lot more experience in this area and be able to give solid advice about goods that may meet your needs.


Thanks - good thought. Unfortunately, in this case my mother has advanced dementia, is immobile and incontinent. Their washing machine has broken down and the local laundrette has just been sold. My sister doesn’t drive so the only backup is hand-washing, including heavy, soiled bedding.

My mother won’t be using the machine. Therefore we won’t be redesigning the laundry or need an OT’s advice.

My request is simply a function of providing a reliable replacement washing machine within a confined space.


You may need to look to some other brands. We have a Simpson 5.5kg (at least 12 years old that would fit the space. It’s 590 deep. If you are looking for a top loader with conventional agitator it’s likely going to be of similar capacity.

Fisher and Paykel make a 7kg top loader but it’s 600 deep x 600 wide and may just be that tiny bit to big. Most retailers sell this model.

Looking to imported brands that come from places with tight spaces I found the following Sharp 595mm deep that may meet your need. Assume you can crib 5mm on your spec.

It’s one of the better known and promoted brands in Japan.

Or a Haier 8 kg, there are several models and a smaller 6kg version to choose from.

Both have a water pulse agitated bowl which does not have a central column. They tend to be more compact for a larger capacity. I used one for many years. It was great with light soiling etc. My heavy out door clothing and grotty work stuff needed a soak in the tub and brief hand pre-wash before going into that style of washer.

Expect you are prepared for some compromise and to get a product that will fit.


I was just advising that some Disability Support organisations may have come across this size problem before or a similar small sized machine need. OTs may even be aware of suppliers of these types of products. Perhaps they will not be able to help. Places like OZCare, Dementia Australia, Able Austrtalia, or even a seller of products such as AppliancesOnline may be able to help refine the search for your washing machine. Paraplegia/Quadriplegia support groups may also be able to offer advice about machine choices.

Haier XPB60-287S 6kg Twin Tub Washer at The Good Guys

For the following the depth is 560 mm
Fisher & Paykel QuickSmart 5.5kg Top Load Washing Machine MW513 | Appliances Online

Top Load Washing Machines with depth 590 mm or less | Appliances Online


Not an endorsement of the particular business, there are quite a number less than 59cm depth…

This retailer allows you to sort based on dimensions which may be useful to broaden the number worth considering.

Also, if the machine can be rotated 90° and you have more width to play with than depth, this might increase options as well providing access isn’t compromised too much.

There are also shallow front loading washing machines (<59cm)…

but check dimensions includes the handle, if it protrudes, as often dimensions are only the cabinet the washer is mounted in.

Also check dimensions for any washer (front or top) includes hose and electrical fittings at the back and their direction. These can push the washer forward from a wall. Also, if the power point is behind the back of the washer, look at plug type as these can also vary and affect how far a washer can be pushed back. Likewise for faucets to connect water.

Choice has also reviewed washing machines in the past if you are an online member:

The review includes small capacity washers, the sort you are looking for.


Thanks for elaborating on your suggestion grahroll. My previous reply was based on a feeling that I hadn’t sufficiently described our situation. I’ll be interested to investigate the support organisations you’ve mentioned.

For anyone interested, we are using a Sara Stedy hoist for mum, which has a base that can be adjusted to get someone up and down from seats etc, and as long as they can still stand on the footrest for a few seconds holding on to the bars while the seat parts are lowered behind them. I feel this hoist gives people a little feel of independence and contribution to their movement.


Thanks phb. You’ve helped clarify my thinking on related issues a bit.

I can certainly endorse Appliances Online as that’s where I bought our washing machine, with next day delivery, installation, and disposal of old machine all free and friendly just before a public holiday.
Also agree AO have one of the best filtering setups on their web page for dimensions.

Thanks also for the comments about push forward etc. Had another look at the Best W/M 2022 link (yes, I’m an online member). Comparison facility is excellent. A Haier may be a good thing to look at.

We’d prefer a front loader but would have to kneel on the toilet lid to take stuff in and out. Knees getting too old…


It sounds like a very compact bathroom.
You can get stands to suit some Front Loaders. They raise the machine 30-40 cm making access far more practical. Assumes you have the head room. We had one with an LG Front Loader.


mark_m thanks for sharing the info on other brands plus concept of agitator impacting capacity.

May I ask the model of your Simpson 5.5kg? There’s a place near my sister that does new, seconds and refurbs with warranty and very positive reviews called DMS Appliances.

Thanks also for the idea of looking for Japanese products. Will look at what Sharp can offer.
I’m not seeing a lot of love in customer reviews of small Chinese-made machines like we were looking at initially - low reliability and non-existent support. They seem targeted at supplying bulk apartment builders and only have to last 12 months after property settlement.

It’s very kind of you doing that research - not expected but much appreciated.


Very cramped room mark_m.
Imagine a laundry in an unrenovated 1950s 2 bedroom house.
Only changes in the laundry are addition of hot water and an internal toilet for mum.

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I’m very familiar with a 1950’s 2 bedroom fibro (ACS) war service cottage so appreciate the issues. It had a small capacity F&P top loader, possibly a similar model to @grahroll suggested previously.


Thanks for the model info mark_m.

Snap. Mum’s is weatherboard, but similar. It was their home after settling in Australia as Polish war refugees. Mum feels safer there and change is not appreciated as older memories are the clearest for her now.


From my experience they all seem to have a similar footprint relating only to capacity. We have an LG toploader which makes good use of the capacity ie no centre spindle, and is ultra-reliable.


Do NOT buy Haier top loader 9kg.
My mistake during COVID as this was the only one left in Bing Lee’s shop ,
not a friendly unit,.


Sympathy … last one is rarely a good sign. Hope it lasts else service is ok.