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Slow cooker review, tips and your recipes

Our tests reveal the best slow cookers (member content) for your money, including which ones are easy to use and how they perform across different temperatures and settings.

We also have a slow cooker buying guide to help you out with things like size, features and price. There’s also this some slow cooker tips for all those slow cooker aficionados out there.

Do you use a slow cooker? We’d love to hear about your experiences and especially to see your favourite slow cooker recipes in the comments below.


Gave up on ours - every time we used it, ‘fly magnet’ ! I loved slow cooked meals, hated the house full of flies - would be interested to hear if others have experienced this, or whether it was just bad cooking :wink:


Down here in Melbourne we do not have your fly problem and anyway my house is fully fly screened so no similar problems. A few years ago we did tour through your area and became quite proficient at eating under the fly net without ingesting the little beasties. Watching locals watch us with their broad smiles doing that created the impression that the flies were considered just a bit of free protein there. No?


Same - but they congregate in large numbers where the windows are open for swampy venting, and help you if you open a door …

I don’t wear fly nets until they get extreme, which isn’t that often - that’s the point where you learn to drink your favourite beverage through the net which doubles as a strainer - to me that’s the solution to a drinking problem !! :wink:


We have a slow cooker (given to us as a gift) but still prefer the old cast iron pot on the gas stove.

However, as no one else has posted a recipe, I’ll make a start of one of our family favourites…many friends also request this one when they come over. It is also great one on a cold winter’s night. Leaf overs are also very tasty.

Star Anise also has a aniseed flavour.


I love to slow cook food in our oven, using a pot with a lid. We can sear meat on the stove first if we need to, then leave it in the oven all day. For us, 75° or 80° for low, 95° or 100° for high works well. If your oven can cook at those temperatures, that’s one less unnecessary gadget in the cupboard!

phbriggs thank you for your recipe. I will try it.


Our 2019 slow cooker review (member content) is here, just in time for winter.

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It is interesting to see that there are some el cheapo models recommended by Choice. We have one (were given it as a present) and have only used it a couple of times in the 3 or so years we have had it. We prefer to use enameled heavy cast iron pot on the stove…simmering away on the lowest heat for a number of hours.

We also use a vintage pressure cooker as well which does a similar job is a fraction of the time.

Must get out the slow cooker, give it a dusting and give it a wiz over the winter.


Looks like Choice missed this one.


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This Kidspot article indicates they are not yet available here in Australia. I’m sure the product testing team will be interested in this for next time.


Here’s five of the best slow cookers under $50:


Sadly all too big! As a single person, I really don’t need a 5 or 6L cooker, and my small Russell Hobbs I am not surprised to see didnt make the cut, and in the general reviews of slow cookers is at the bottom. It does the job but what ought to take 4-5 hours usually takes 8. Crazy. Gotta get something else, but they are all so BIG.


What about the Russel Hobbs 4L unit?

Can’t get much smaller than that.

My current Russell Hobbs is 3.5 which is fine, 4L might be OK. But because the current is just so inefficient, I’m reluctant to try another RH product for anything.

(edit: Why did “system” remove my quote of Fred’s post?)

Probli yu quoted itall.

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