Slimline French Door Fridges -your experiences please!

I’m interested in the LG Slimline Fridge (GF-B590PL) with no external icemaker. Reviews mention that the left hand door snaps back very quickly. Given that the weakness of this style of fridge is door repair has any one experienced problems after (or before) a couple of years of service.

Also, some reviews mentioned that it dents easily?

Are there other fridges in this style that you could recommend - must fit a standard 900mm gap.



Over time what is considered ‘standard’ or ‘the norm’ has changed. There will be a wide choice that fit in a 900mm width, but some might be too tall or too deep. It would be useful for others if you provided the unstated dimensions of your fridge space.


Hi Phil,

Good point. The space is 600mm deep and height 2150 mm. Width is 930 mm.


It’s also important to look to the installation and clearance requirements. They vary by model and design of fridge.


With some models of this type of fridge the clearance between two doors when closed can be quite small, especially if the doors have front panels that match the remainder of your kitchen cupboards. Although ours is not a LG, the doors require a minor adjustment reasonably regularly to ensure they don’t prevent one or the other closing properly.

I have one of these fridges, 1800H x 804W. Was the only French Door fridge which suited the available space. The salesperson did mention to be sure to hang on to the left hand door when closing - until the door was closed. I have always followed the advice and haven’t had any issues (approx 2 years old now). I love it, works really well in my Galley Kitchen as, 2 smaller doors means I have space to move around, the internal layout really works for me too, especially the freezer having all storage space in pull out trays on rollers… Pure n’ Fresh replacement filters are easy to source from LG online, the last one cost $24 (incl postage), as the can last up to 12 months I think they represent good value for money. (A lot more reasonable than the Charcoal Filter for my Rangehood - that didn’t even come with a filter, although the order included 2 Charcoal Filters, the postage was a set fee of over $20!). Hope that’s a help.

OT but hopefully helpful. You can get generic charcoal filter material on ebay and cut it to size. I do that for my Delonghi RotoFryer. A lifetime supply (or close enough) was about the cost of 5 OEM filters.

Just an example. You can get whatever thickness you need or nest them together.

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