Sleep Apnea Machines

I recently decided to update my Resmed S9 Autoset. The new model S10 is about $2300 - but variable depending on the ‘retailer’, plus a consultation fee. I decided to see if it was available ex USA - indeed it is, without a script as is required in Australia, and for US$739 plus US$56 shipping from a legitimate medical goods supplier. I had to obtain an Australia lead/plug, otherwise, identical in every way. Total less than US$800 = A$1100 at the time of my inquiry. The unit arrived from the USA on time and in good condition. I checked the label and found that it was manufactured in Lithgow NSW!

Aren’t we being ripped off in Oz, and for a machine Manufactured here?


Another case of the Australia tax it would seem :angry:

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Holdens sold as rebadged Chevrolets in the USA also cost less there than here.

The Australia tax gouge comes free with our residency. The new twist is the Gerry Harvey tax on incoming goods. Made in NSW, shipped to the US, sold far cheaper, more shipping and GST added for the return trip home and it is still far cheaper than buying locally. And our businesses expect loyalty. Priceless.