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As the forum has expanded so has the breadth, and the importance of some topics has changed. Could a ‘site map’ be added as a ‘contents’ (is there one, I could not find it excepting what is displayed in the hamburger menu?). Some of the shortcomings are (eg) while NBN is a subtopic of electronics & technology, it shows as a top level topic in the hamburger menu. Does that matter either way? Maybe only for librarians, or also for curious members?

As there is a move for new categories and a slowly increasing number of subcategories I think it would be helpful for keeping the forum manageable.


I’d also hope this can be provided.

When looking for an existing topic to post to or infrequently start a new topic, I try to use the search window. This often returns a confused list of options, and reveals similar topics in very different categories.
It often takes some time to find the best option.

The drop down categories menu display is based on a count of something, and changes order hourly.


I like Phil’s suggestion.

Like Mark, I have been using the search function to try and find topics (where to add new similar posts).

The listing from the search returns lots of irrelevant results. I know there are options in the advanced search, but with so many threads and topics, it is hard to remember the details about the thread I am looking for.


There is a XML plugin that could help with this. Although it isn’t as straight forward as we would like (has a few known bugs). One of our developers will look into it and help us implement it. I should hear back in the next 24 hours.


Work has commenced on the site map! I will update you on developments next week.


I think is is also a good idea.

When sites become bigger with content, a site map can make navigation easier. I must also say that not everyone uses site maps, but those who do appreciate them.

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