SIM for Europe

We’re travelling to Europe in the new year and we’d like to get phone/data coverage for an affordable price (as opposed to being gouged by roaming).

Can anyone recommend a reasonable deal?

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My daughter is with Vodaphone. They offered a $5 a day deal for their roaming in the US and I believe it is the same deal in Europe. I think the $5 was only charged on the days the phone was used for calls and data. See this link for more details:

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When in Italy I got a sim and around 30 or so Euros for all calls and data I needed from the national carrier (forget the name). Easy to get at Rome airport

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:slight_smile: Thanks folks! I’ll check those out.

Depends a little on how much travelling you are doing. And whether you need data as well as calls. And whether you want people to be able to get you on your regular number or not. Optus has a similar deal as Vodafone but it is $10 day (or was six months ago). I think Telstra have a similar deal too now. If you are moving from country to country this is probably the most convenient and reasonably priced option (I didn’t say cheap!). Because the SIM you buy at Rome airport may not work in Germany etc. If you are staying in one or two countries a local SIM is the best option. The data allowance is usually better then the allowance from your Australian carrier. Make sure your phone is ‘unlocked’ for this option.

Finally check the terms on the local SIM. Make sure you can call Aus if you need to. Also some have roaming facilities too. We bought a SIM in Ireland on our last trip which we used in Portugal as well. Bon Voyage!

Thanks, Tom - very good advice.

Woolworths global roaming SIMs look like a pretty good deal, as do those from Simcorner.

Has anyone used them?