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Shrinking Soap Bars

I noticed the topics on shrinking choc bars, and various other items… and felt compelled to note that soap bars, which used to be “full”, now seem to have a section carved out of them, a concave surface… looks pretty but means the soap doesnt last as long. This is only on branded soaps, mind you… Palmolive and Country Life are two such… cheapo soaps dont have the concave surface but I suppose they will follow suit sooner or later.

All soap bars seem to be smaller in all dimensions than they used to be.



These are the Pental soaps…Country Life and such like. We used to buy them but stopped when they reduced in size a few years ago. They lost us a customer as they were about the only mass produced Australian made soaps.

Woolworths Essential soap is also made by Pental and is still the old size (and Australian made)…might be an option as they are also cheaper per soap than other brands.

We recently moved to liquid body washes and have found them about the same cost as the Woolworths Essential soap. The other benefit is the shower is far easier to clean as there is no soap scum or buildup of soap residues on everything.


Interesting, I was going to raise this too due to buying some Palmolive soap that was the same.