Should you buy carbon offsets?

Aviation has a hefty carbon footprint, but are carbon offsets the answer? Read Alison Potter’s investigation here.

Do you buy carbon offsets when you fly?

No, we don’t, as there are no guarantees that the $s we contribute are directed to where it is intended.


Its really a matter of personal choice I guess, I don’t but that is because I chose to live a relatively low carbon life anyway (compared to the typical suburban aussie) and make an effort to reduce my carbon footprint through my personal choices.

But for members of the public who live a relatively high carbon lifestyle these carbon offsets schemes help assuage middle class guilt.

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No. I’m all for letting the airlines pay for it out of the excessive credit card fees (by any name they give it) they charge us.

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Exactly. Who is it going to go to? It’s only so the company can say they have reduced their greenhouse emissions when really nothing has changed but the customer is out of pocket.

Speaking of credit card fees of the airlines, I pay by bank transfer, thereby avoiding credit card fees. It works very well, and it’s free.
And no, I don’t buy carbon offsets.

I prefer to use the Credit Card (CC) for all travel purchases and not my money because if the operator goes bad you can charge back to cost thru the CC, something that you cannot with a direct bank transfer.

I use my CC even with qantas as I remember many people who paid by cash, cheque or bank transfer lost their fares and holiday money when Ansett fell over but the credit card users got their money back thru charge back.

I view the CC fees as a small premium for a insurance policy called peace of mind…