Should i buy the $58.33/litre Ginger beer or the $10.63/litre tonic

I usually run my eye over the cost per litre to compare prices, particularly when comparing different volumes. These labels at my local Woolies are mind boggling. I can see what they have done and in some cases the actual price per litre is obviously the same but in others it would be nice to be able to easily compare them. Even when the products are exactly the same it can appear as though one item is about $70/litre more expensive than the other.


Hi @LMG, welcome to the community.

It appears that someone at Woolworths needs to check their unit pricing, as it is wrongly shown on the labels making it difficult for a consumer to make an informed decision.

The Hot Ginger Beer is for 4 x 180mL (the shelf label shows for 1, but this is incorrect checking online and the source of the error), making the unit price $14.60/L. Likewise the Fever-Tree Med Light, its unit price should be $10.42/L. Still not cheap, but more realistic.

I would be annoyed if I were one of the companies with the incorrect unit pricing, as the ridiculous numbers given might turn away potential purchases.