Shopping Carts

Hi there. Just looking around for a folding shopping trolley for use when visiting our local markets. I was wondering if there had been any experience with the Clax/X Cart type models. My preference is for something that is sturdy, can keep different food types separate, has a good capacity and can fold to fit into my relatively small car boot. These devices seem to meet these criteria and have clever design features but are quite expensive I think.


I saw one some time ago (eay, amazon, cant remember) which you’d pull out of the car (I have a hatch which is perfect fr it) and the wheels/llegs drop down and lock, then you go about o your shopping, come back to the car (hatch, wagon, van) and wheel it right in there. There were additional bits and bobs you’d buy and then you’d keep “stuff” separate. I went searching for it this evening… shrug gone. It was over $300 and I just could not justify the expense.

As an alternative, you could buy a bunch of those shopping bags which hang in the supermarket trolley… and fill each as you wish. Reusable Shopping Bags Green Eco Foldable Handle Bag Grocery Cart Trolley 2,4pcs | eBay