Shopping and accumulating Qantas FF points

Everytime I make a purchase and expect that Qantas frequent flyer points will be added as I use the Qantas plug in on my computer I am months later constantly chasing up the points to be added as they are not. It normally takes at least 6 months of constant badgering on my behalf to get the points added. On this occasion I purchased with Myer accepting the Qantas FF plug in. Months later I am still chasing the points up. Today I get this response which is a load of rubbish and the shopping vendors are not responsible for adding or rejecting Qantas points. Any tips on where to go next?
Store: Myer

Date of purchase: 19 Oct 2023

We have looked into your query and unfortunately, can now confirm that the store has declined the points earn on this purchase. As the transaction tracking was awarded to another source, ie you shopped another offer, direct retailer edm or engaged a browser plug in for example.

My understanding is the retailer/service provider issues and instigates the transfer of points to the QFF account. The retailer/service provider also can’t make points, these are bought from QFF.

They work in some respects like doing a bank transfer.

The issuing and transfer of points is the retailers responsibility, the points appearing in a QFF account after the transfer is QFF responsibility.

However, retailers/service providers can place conditions on when points are awarded for purchases. This appears to be what the response is suggesting. What were the terms and conditions outlined by the retailer/service provider at the time purchase?

Also looking at the plugin, it indicates that

3. Be rewarded - earn points shopping at supported stores including eBay, David Jones, rebel, PETstock and many more.

This suggests that the retailer/service provider must support the plugin for points to be awarded. If the retailer doesn’t support the plugin, points won’t be awarded even if they would normally award QFF points for a purchase.

If this is the case, there is much you can do except check if retailer/service provider supports the plugin. If such information can’t be gleaned, assume they don’t and seeks points outside the plugin

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I use Qantas Shopping via my web browser, no plug-in needed.

I am unable to find and thus do not understand your ‘plug-in’ as the only one I identified is a prompter not one that ‘connects all the dots’ to get QF points. Is this the plug-in to which you referred? Note the ‘important information’ provided on the link.