Shonky shower gel?

I am unsure if this is the right space for my comments. If not, I am grateful for the powers that be to relocate it.

A week ago I reached into my cupboard and opened a new body wash gel. You know the type: pump action, squirt on sponge, large bottle etc.

The 1 litre product was sold by ALDI and is the green one in the photo at the following link.

At Aldi on the weekend I could not find this product.

This morning, in the shower, without studying the bottle, I was taken aback when I could feel that I depressed the pump a times but no liquid squirted onto the sponge.

I could not understand this. Surely I have not consumed the whole bottle in a week?

Looking at the bottle, it was clear that it was at least 80% full.

Looking at the bottle even more carefully, I found the problem: the “dip tube” i.e. the hollow plastic tube, attached to the bottom of the pump mechanism to extend the reach of the pump to the bottom or near the bottom of the bottle, whose task is to draw the product contained in the bottle from the bottom and onto the sponge is approx a third the required length! Interestingly, titling the bottle did not enable any liquid to be released via the pump.

As the pump mechanism covers a very large opening at the top of the bottle, it is unwise to use the gel without some control over the quantity of liquid released each time. I am not happy with what looks like a Shonky product, that inconveniences me to having to go out and purchase a pump action sprayer in order to use ALDI’s product correctly.


You can either try another pump mechanism you may have in your house - often the thread size is standardised to two different sizings. Find another pump mechanism with the same diameter.

Otherwise return it to Aldi for a refund. The pump mechanism isn’t fit for purpose and therefore would be fall under the Australian Consumer Law…whereby a consumer could request a refund or replacement.

The first option would be preferable, as it would create less waste (the second option would create waste as Aldi would throw it out even though there was liquid wash still within the container).


You may be able to find a length of plastic tubing cut to size addresses the problem cheaply, if you want to continue using the product. The tube is unsatisfactory and as @phb notes this makes the product unfit for purpose, while it may have been a one off accidently applied length of tubing makes it no less unsatisfactory. to you as a user. Advising ALDI of the issue may help them discover if this is a larger than one problem, quality control sections of their suppliers may need to be informed to ensure that future similar issues do not arise.

Product Feedback (


Thanks for the tip. I wrote to ALDI using the feedback form, which I noticed is defective.
For instance, it asks if I want a reply from ALDI by email or phone. I input “email”.
It however does not allow me to progress the feedback form unless I input my mobile number.
Strange, when it earlier asked HOW (by email or phone) do I want to be contacted by ALDI?
Interestingly, while it asks for “mobile”, one can instead input a landline number and the form

In addition, the form required me to input the purchase date of the item. I do not recall it. I think
it was in April. Again, without a specific date inputted, the form does not progress. Surely not everyone
who buys say a $4 non-perishable item keeps the receipt and/or recalls the purchase date? So I jusyt
inputted a date I believe is close to the mark.

Maybe the form should offer a pathway for those who don’t recall the purchase date?

As to your point on ALDI throwing out these items if alerted, in the last week in two stores I could not
find either gel (blue or green) in this product line (“Prince”). Maybe they already know about the fault and
either disposed of the goods or just did not restock when they ran down their inventory?


Why go through the agony of doing it the hard way. As long as you have a receipt, just take it back for a refund or replacement. Aldi never balk at customers seeking redress. If you don’t have a receipt, then you are on your own. (We have a canister in which we put all receipts. This works every time)

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I keep receipts of most items eg fridge mats (recently on sale at Aldi) or vacuum cleaner (again, Aldi). I do not keep receipts of say soap, cereal etc.

No matter, I solved the problem.
Rather than go and but a pump that fits (as the spares I have do not fit the large opening on the Aldi product) or try for a refund, which Aldi wrote to me “should be possible ifI can tender photos of the problem”, I decided, when shopping yesterday at Coles, to buy a shower gel (in a bottle with no pump), use that up and thereafter pour the Aldi product into the (now) empty canister.

I will take heed of your proposal, to keep ALL receipts from here on. Starting with the Coles receipt.

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Out of interest, I siolved the problem, see my reply to @beings_nobody.
That said, I am happy I told Aldi as that may prompt them to quality check their suppliers.

Interesting point: 3x since I first posted, I visited 3 different Aldi stores in Sydney. None sell the “Prince”
brand pump action shower gel in either hue: blue or green.

So maybe, they know about the problem without me informing them.


When I am ‘forced’ to give a phone number but I don’t want people calling me, I usually just insert e.g. 02 9999 9999 or 0419 999 999. Nonsense of course, but the form is too stupid to understand and it fills the space with the expected format.

But I don’t really understand what the magnitude of the problem really is. Yes it is irritating, but the problem is not insurmountable and removing the top of the bottle, placing your sponge over the hole and upending the bottle allows you to control the amount dispensed and no need for a trip back to ALDI for a refund. You know we used to have to do that before the ‘pump action’ mechanism was invented.

if the company has a landline or mobile number I insert this it has worked every time I’ve tried it :slight_smile:

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