Shonky Dulux Jelly Bean Promotion

Dulux website states ‘Your home makeover just became sweeter with Dulux Jelly Beans. Put more spring into your projects this painting season. Buy 8L of Dulux paint to get your Jelly Beans PLUS a Dulux puppy soft toy.’

Went to Inspirations Paint - bought 8 Litres Dulux Wethershield - was told the Jelly Beans offer only applies to Dulux Wash & Wear Purchases. TV add and youtube add clearly have Weathershield shown.


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Have you made a formal complaint either to the store or to Dulux?

I couldn’t find any evidence to support the claimed limitation (to Wash & Wear only) - so it does seem shonky.


Here is a link to the promotion on the Dulux website.

It does state that it is available at “Participating retail stores only (Excludes Dulux Trade Centres and selected independent stores)”.

It also states “Right now, buy 8L of Dulux paint to get 1kg of Jelly Beans PLUS a Dulux puppy soft toy, FREE. Hurry, before they run out”.

So it appears it is up to individual stores to decide whether to participate in the promotion, but it also appears that if stores are participating, it applies to any 8 litres of Dulux paint, irrespective of type.

As @person suggested, contact Dulux regarding it.

Where did you buy the paint?


Yes,n it is worth checking that the store where the paint was purchased was one of the participating retail stores. While such fine print is not helpful when out and about making a purchase, it is likely that such conditons will be used to whether or not the offer is fulfilled.

Agree with @person about contacting Dulux directly and hopefully they may chose, as part of some goodwill, to honour the offer even if the retailer was not one of the qualifying ones…Australian contact details can be found here


Nor could I and nor could the store owner - but still insisted he has been told by Dulux that it does not apply to Weathershield.


Have sent a message via the website given by you - no response yet. Thanks for contributing. Not too concerned about the Jelly Beans - more about the deceptive advertising.


Possibly don’t expect a response for a number of days or week+…as often business may not look at webpage based contact forms with a high priority.

If you want a quicker response, their phone number is also on the same webpage (down the bottom).


Don’t worry about providing constructive feedback. Many business like such feedback from their customers to that they can improve their own processes and also make future customer experiences more enjoyable.

Also, it never hurts in asking about offers and whether they apply. One won’t know the answer unless one asks the question.


That is unfortunately true. Many national brands run promotions where not all stores are participants, and those non-participants never go out of their way to make it clear they are not included in the promotion unless one asks beforehand.


Agree, and if one watches some of the terms and conditions or limitations on tv advertised offers, one not only needs good eyesight but a big screen tv to make the text at the bottom of the screen readable.

They also rely on pointing to website or elsewhere for the full T&Cs which aI expect most will not take the effort to find and/or read.


By chance I saw this ad the other day. As you say, Weathershield clearly shown. This is Shonky As.


Forget their website, use their social media pages as these are in public view and usually enlist a very quick response.