Sensibo for wireless aircon control - does it work?

Is anyone using Sensibo to control reverse cycle aircon? Or something else wireless? My RCAC units are 9 years old now, Samsung, and the app is so clunky I can’t get them to connect. Sensibo looks like a way around this, and the review in March 2019 looks good - but that’s quite a while ago now. Anyone got an update or a recommendation? I’d like to be able to control the upstairs aircon from downstairs (& vice versa).

I have been using 2 Sensibo Sky units to control aircon units in 2 separate rooms (Bedroom & Living Room) for a couple of years now.
I didn’t bother with the Subscription service option. My aircon units are both Fujitsu but different models and age. I think the oldest was purchased in 2014 (or maybe 2013), not sure it was before I lived in this apartment.
Anyway, the Sensibo app works just fine.
You can control both units simultaneously, or independently. It handles all the functions of the original remote controls, as well as showing current temp and humidity in the different rooms.

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Thanks, useful info.

Update: I’ve been using Sensibo Air for my main aircon/heater in the living/dining/kitchen area for over a week now. After a little bit of hassle due to it using 2.4G Wifi (my wifi problem not a fault with the Sensibo) I’ve got it working and I have to say it’s fantastic. Reasons: 1. I can turn on the heater 5 minutes before I get out of bed, so I now get up on time instead of “sleeping in” while dreading the cold house. 2. As Graemec said, it shows the current temp and humidity in the room down where I sit, rather than high up on the wall. The helpful Sensibo Assistance people also sent me instructions for how to recallibrate the temp settings as they seemed a bit higher than the other thermometers I have. I haven’t yet done this, but the instructions are simple to follow so I might tackle it next weekend. 3. I have set a switch off time in the evening (like my old gas heating had), so that’s another reminder to go to bed at a reasonable hour … though often I don’t need the heater on after dinner anyway so it’s already switched off. 4. If I’m out at night I can leave the heater off but turn it on as I head for home. I haven’t yet set up the geofencing but I know this could be automated as well. 5. The symbols and text in the app are clear and easily understood. Best gadget I’ve bought in ages - easy to use, good assistance available when needed, and it does a great job. (Plus it was on special, $50 off - I’m thinking of getting one for the bedroom before the special ends!).

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