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Seeking recommendations for hard wired outdoor home security

Hi all. I have read the articles relating to wireless home security systems, but I am looking for recommendations for hard wired outdoor security systems. I like the idea of wireless, but even the review suggest hard wired might be better, and yet Choice have not conducted a review of these.

Thanks for your suggestions. Pauline

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Welcome to the community @PaulineAB. I’m sure there are some members here who can offer advice.
Just to be clear, when you say hard-wired, do you mean for power, or communications? Or both?


In addition to @Gregr’s questions, I suspect you mean outdoors affixed to a primary dwelling, eg a carport, eaves over doors or windows, verandahs or decks, or a co-located shed and so on without ‘remote’ hardwired sensors at the property perimeter ‘watching’ gates or fences or the shed ‘way out back’; correct?


Hi. Yes I mean the sort of security PhilT has outlined. Something that watches the front door, side gates etc.

So I guess both in answer to your question.

An example,is the Swann 4K ultra HD home security kit.

I have an indoor security system which is 13 years old, but want something to watch the front.

Choice have conducted a review on wireless systems “Security camera reviews” dated 09 June 2020. They also have published a buying guide which suggests hard wired may be better…


Thanks PhilT. Yes this is what I a, looking for.

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