Security Cameras - Arlo

Noting the new review on cameras, it’s possible to give a user review on each model but not on the platform as a whole, which I do not recommend.
Logging in to logs you out of the mobile app, and vice versa.
I have 2x Pro2 cameras, and a doorbell. It took so long for it to make the phone ring, unlock the phone, convince the app to answer the call, and actually connect with the doorbell and nearby camera, that the person had always already left by then! I removed the doorbell. We have a physical bell, and a camera that detects motion there anyway.

Arlo likes to advertise geofencing - so it automatically arms and disarms depending whether you’re home. It’s terribly unreliable. There are discussions in their user forum running for multiple years about the fact that the app will periodically log you out without telling you, and not with reliable timing. When it logs you out, it’ll still alert you if a camera is triggered, but the geofencing stops working. So, you leave the house, and it doesn’t arm, and you don’t know it’s not armed. Many people complain about this. I gave up on geofencing and just leave the cameras always armed.
There is no ability to “disarm for 30 minutes then re-arm”. You can “silence alerts” for various durations, and I do that.

The subscription feature to detect what type of motion is useful though - telling you whether it’s a person, an animal, other motion, and whether a parcel has been deposited.

For future purchases, I’ll use Ubiquiti (which is a brand more used by network geeks and not sold in consumer stores).

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