Search for information on a specific item e.g. reversing cameras, is this possible?

As an older person , 63 years young, I am wondering if the entire choice catalogue is able to be searched for any specific item in need of information, in this case reversing cameras. I recently was given a unit which could only be described as deplorable. They had the sense to not label a brand name to it. I’m a new guy here so no ridicule if it’s as plain as the nose on my face. See how this foray from out under my rock goes. Got last place in the bravery queue.


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This may help you

Some of the reviews of cameras linked in the topic have some cameras with reversing cameras (member content).

Or this link will provide a search of those terms on the CHOICE Website (content will vary as to whether CHOICE membership is required or not)


Thank you that has tackled the issue nicely.


Beyond your immediate question, the Community has a search tool that displays slightly differently depending on the device in use, but on a PC browser is a ‘magnifying glass’ looking icon to the left of what is called the ‘hamburger menu’. Click on it to open the search box, and the hamburger menu will also open a list of selectable things.


It can be set to search the entire Community or just the topic in view.

On the Choice Magazine (main) page the search displays top centre as


and it returns Choice articles as well as Community topics.


Hi @PilbaraPete, welcome to the community.

The other thing to consider is words used in the search term. E.g. reversing camera v dash cams. It is best to use the name manufacturers call the products rather than a common name.


…with recognition those examples can be distinctly different products. Reversing cameras are exactly that, rear facing cameras; dash cams primarily record to the front, and some have reversing/rear cameras included as well, so it pays to try all manner of descriptions to find what one seeks.