Sealing tiled roofs

Does anyone have experience with roof sealing? I have concrete roof tiles and been quoted 6K for replacing damaged tiles, repairing some rotted wood on one of the gables and cleaning and sealing the roof. It will look nice but the roof doesn’t leak though there are a few loose tiles. I want to know if sealing a roof actually does anything.


Makes it look pretty :slight_smile: The Concrete in the tiles is the waterproofing, the colour seal is for aesthetics. The older the tile the stronger it becomes until it is very hard. Get some more quotes from reputable local roof tilers and plumbers and I think you will find the price will be much cheaper for the needed repairs.

I have attached a link to a info sheet produced by the WA Govt and on the second page it lists some of the more common myths and claims about roof tiles and sealing them. Basically unless you want to make your roof pretty you can absolutely forgo the expense.

It seems that once you do the “sealing” it is needed to be repeated about every 2 to 5 years…my guess an expensive process.


I’ll add that some of the roofing companies can be cowboys. I have colourbond and just wanted to get it powerwashed (not I didn’t, my partner did, so don’t go there). I rang around and one of the larger companies quoted $12K!!! to pressure wash and repaint. Another quoted only $10K!! I did not want a repaint but they sold as hard as they could.

Short story, I bought some Wet & Forget (recommended by @jcouch of Choice), about $200, a battery powered backpack sprayer from ebay for $50, and got a great outcome. Saved myself at least $9750 :slight_smile:

My message is in support of @grahroll’s advice to get quotes from reputable companies, tilers, or plumbers, not just those that advertise a lot.


Last time I looked the Colorbond data sheet recommended against painting at all. I suppose once it has been painted you are stuck with it.


That’s the most amusing thing I’ve read in a long time - $250 and a bit of effort to save $9750!! I imagine you looking at it afterwards and thinking how much money you could have blown achieving the same or maybe even not as good an outcome - almost like dodging a bullet.

Its a concern though when you think how many people don’t realise there is a cheaper and just as effective option, and get ‘taken’ by a supposed need to do something more expensive that isn’t required - in many things not just roofing. I hope your post comes up in plenty of search results!

Another thing I feel worth mentioning, for those who aren’t perhaps so keen to clamber on a roof and might think well thats ok for you, but … is that there are lots of options around to get community assistance, council assistance or even just local handymen who can ‘execute the plan’ for you, at an hourly rate or special fixed rates in some cases. I have a close relative who avails themselves of local council assistance for the elderly and the outcome is usually quite good - roofing, plumbing, all sorts … maybe that will add a bit or even a few hundred, but you still might be $9000 in front …

Speaking of ‘roofing’ …


Something which may be more valuable than painting is to check the bedding and pointing material and potentially have this repaired/replaced. Older pointing.bedding was made from a mortar based mix which tends to get brittle/crumbly over many decades exposed to the weather. This becomes a point for water entry where the pointing has deteriorated. Many new/mortar repair products are more flexible and reportedly have a longer life.