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Sea World Removes Toy From Sale After Gold Coast Boy Critically Injured

“The spokesperson said the toy was removed as a precaution at this stage, but that any further action - such as a recall - would only come after a full investigation.”

Even without a recall, an urgent safety message could be posted for consumers.

Definitely not good enough.


There is something strange about this post and the article that accompanies it, which is reached through the link. Nowhere is there a description or picture of the toy or any explanation as to how it could cause a critical injury. This means that it is useless as a warning to other parents about this toy or anyone like it.


It is strange and lacking details. It seems to be driven by some sort of agenda…key questions like did the toy cause the injury, did injury occur when the toy was used, was the toy being used in a reasonable way if it caused the injury, did something else cause the injury and the toy happened to be being used at the time etc etc.

I might be wrong that the publically available details may be scant, but reading the article it seems information is missing potentially to sway the reader to a particular view.

I will wait for details before relying on information in or left out of this article.

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The toy is described: “A park spokesperson described the toy as a “plush-toy walker” with a penguin wearing a harness on one end, attached to long stick or lead.”

I think I know what this is. You have a model penguin (plush in this case) that has a pair of unobtrusive wheels that have floppy rubber feet attached. The child pushes it along the floor using the stick causing the wheels to rotate, this in turn makes the rubber feet flap so that the penguin ‘walks’ across the floor with a flapping noise and motion.

Even if this version doesn’t ‘walk’ I can’t see how either the plush doll or the stick caused terrible injury. The only thing I can imagine is the child somehow fell while running and the end of the stick damaged some key organ of the body beyond repair. We must await more information but it looks like a freak accident that may have nothing to do with dangerous toys.


“It was a toy bought from SeaWorld on the Gold Coast,” Ms Williams told NCA NewsWire.

“ … it had a long lead that was made stiff with a pole but the pole came out.

“It broke and turned into basically a long rope with a loop on the end. In a very short amount of time Deklan became entangled.

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