Scratchies: Is a free ticket a win or a waste of time?

I was having a discussion with a mate of mine down at the local. Needless to say, it was never resolved…

When you buy a scratchie ticket and your prize is another ticket that is the same: Are you actually winning something of actual value (another chance at winning) or is the value zero (a waste of time)?

My thinking is a free ticket has no value. If you’re winning something that you already have: then there’s no value in that transaction.

My logic is that if you give away tickets that win tickets, you must reserve the second ticket as a prize and you cannot sell it. So, the odds are the same as not giving away free tickets at all. It makes no difference.

Actually, I would rather find out sooner that I have lost if the tickets were still on sale so I could buy back in.

On the other hand, my friend’s logic was that if you haven’t lost, you still have a chance of winning.

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I’m with you! getting a “Prize” of the same value ticket is not a prize at all as you have no option other than using it to buy another ticket. You have one chance in six of a prize so using it to buy another; odds are stacked against you for a further win. Also some of the prizes are so low it is hardly worth the gamble. I have finally stopped buying these tickets as a result of their poor ethics.

All gambling is a waste of time.

Many years ago I played the pokies a bit. I would put $10 aside and often be able to play for 1-2 hours before I lost it all, and would leave early if I ever won more than another $10. I rationalised it like going to a movie - it was entertainment not gambling. YMMV :wink:

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See my post on Scratch tickets and Poker machines. They are both cunningly designed to relieve you of your hard earned. Made up mainly of low prizes and non prizes (free scratch tickets). When next buying a ticket ask the agent “Do you have a list of prizes for this series displayed”? Then ask him “Has the major prize in this series already been won”? Fair dinkum Ned Kelly was a fine living gentleman when compared to this lot. But at least they pay taxes in Australia, not like Lottoland who operate out of a tax haven in Gibraltar.