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Scamwatch Advises Australians Lost $500 Million In 2018


The latest Scamwatch report which advises that Australians lost $500 million to scams last year.

Thankfully none of it was my money.

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Likewise. Also got the email this morning. Alas, I have a friend who is likely to succumb to a scam, she’s always looking to make a quick buck, and whilst the “Nigerian” scam doesnt work on her, any of the others might, especially as they become more sophisticated.

Scamwatch Advisories

Which is both surprising ans concerning. There are some good websites that gives one information on how to avoid scams, such as:

Unfortunately humans have built in curiosity, greed and ability to readily trust others, which gives the scammers the ability to have some success with many of their scam.

One thing I do is with elderly friends and family, I often discuss emerging scams and what they should do if approached. Hopefully this allows them to question cold contacts and also prevent them from also being scammed.


Just got a Text on my Mobile: " Your mobile number is selected as winner of £6,500,00 on Bet 365 Promo
Go to (an URL was given) to claim…"
I hope they are not holding their breath!


I posted regarding this scam on 24.03.2019.

They try to get the recipient to pay a huge sum for processing the “winnings”.

I did reply to them but I cannot post my response here.



Apparently we share a winning ticket reference number! :thinking:


Wow. It must be my lucky day as I received an SMS this morning.

“Hi,Your Mobile No is Selected as winner of £6,500,000 on BET365 Promo.
Go to wwwjan36net to claim enter Ref. BET36519AU. Helpline:info365(AT)europe(DOT)com”

And I don’t even have a betting account with BET365 or anyone else.

Hopefully I will still receive my winnings despite what I advised them to do.

PS. Dots removed from URL link for safety.



Go on Fred, claim your prize, and let us know how you go :wink:


Nope. But you are welcome to claim it instead and I have posted another lucky winner’s story below for your bebefit.



If the courier company wanted up to £690 to deliver £2,000,000 to the winner in the article I posted above, then they would probably want to charge me around £2,240 to deliver my £6,500,000 winnings.

I can’t understand why they would want to deliver the prize money in bank notes in this day and age.

I would have thought that they would have simply asked me for my bank account details including the login details and password.

Would have been much quicker and cheaper.



I just received another text message advising my mobile number has been selected as the winner of £6,500,000 in the “Donation”.

This is after I won £6.,500,000 in February this year, £2,750,000 last year and £1,750,000 in 2017

When I researched the scam earlier this year, it operated by demanding “winners” pre-pay some ridiculous amount for the courier charges to deliver the “winnings”.

I am positive I posted details of the previous scam here in February, but after searching high and low, I cannot locate it.

Needless to say, I responded with my standard scammer reply which I cannot post here without upsetting Brendan.