Scam phone calls - Chat Bots

I received a call on the landline from what seems to be a Chat Bot soliciting donations for a charity. Weird call, but after some research others have identified it as a chat bot that uses several numbers and confirmed that the small NSW charity has nothing to do with it.

Well spoken female voice launched into a spiel about a wonderful charity that I could donate to. Sounded like a recording as it did not stop when I spoke, but then changed tack and began answering my question, wouldn’t stop until finished. Quoted statistics about youth suicide, but only told me it was when I pressed for a name and a website.

Numbers the chat bot uses - 0728093442, 0890718474, 0280537528, and others. Complaints report she, “Lucy Edwards” claimed to represent different organisations such as the Save the Forests, Save the Barrier Reef, Cancer Council & All Kind.

Very convincing, and probably we have gotten too used to identifying scam calls by the strong overseas accents.