SCAM by Deception

Recent fake news stories about celebrities or sportstars being arrested for supposed using a product. Click on the link and it takes you to some fake story and ultimately to some natural pills to help get muscles and loose weight. Oh, and it’s free apart from the postage… But that’s when they get you.

They now have you creditcard details.

You ‘buy’ the items, but in some distant T&Cs there is a statement saying the offer is for a trial for 16 days. At this point you can then seek a refund up to 30 days. What it doesn’t tell you is that past the 16 days, you are charged the full price for these products, and you are now ‘subscribed’ to a monthly subscription where they send you the next months worth of pills until you tell them to stop.

There is no mention of this at all on any part of the website, including the T&Cs.

There needs to be something done about this as I’ve seen this a number of times now for a range of different products.


One of the problems here is that these companies operate from overseas where the consumer laws are totally different and often non-existent, especially the US. The only remedy is through your bank or card provider, and to make sure they know the whole story, because repeated complaints of scamming can cost a business its status as a card merchant, so they can no longer scam anybody. Unfortunately most people don’t get around to registering a complaint, they just want their money back, if that, and are content to change card numbers to deal with the problem which leaves the scammer free to scam the next person.
Sometimes you can get lucky and find out who the scammer’s internet host is, and a complaint through to them will get the website taken down, but all the scammer has to do is open up elsewhere.
If thereare no return contact details like a phone number, physical address and email address, then don’t risk it.

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I got "done"by Christie Brinkley. They were supposed to have sent a day cream but sent 2 day and 2 night, and then wanted to bill me for all of it, even though their own info said they had just sent the night stuff. I was so freaked, because they wanted to charge me the monthly subscription. Just as above. Got stung for $132. Not happy at all. And they can stop spamming from Europe, the Philippines, and the US, too!

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A common scam, advertised as pay only postage for a product.
We have a debit card for i’net purchases and just transfer sufficient funds for the one purchase. Not used much so do not get mixed up with numerous purchases. They then try to get extra funds but none available. Only problem is the bank or in our case the credit society, charge a fee for the returned payment due to no funds. Saves getting numerous charges against a normal credit card.

I just got scammed by someone claiming to be freedom insurance.
I have lots of interested in marine life. I found a post about the giant squid
Tapped on it to learn more and got a survey to win a i phone. Seeing this one will die by the end of the year I felt it was worth a try.
Now I’m getting endless phone calls from this fake company (judging from the laughter at the other end .from all the other telemarketers in the room) o. K. Got a problem they didn’t get my finance details (i m not that trusting) being harrassed on the phone now Telstra no help any advise.

Hi @christinejunewhite,

Those unwanted calls can be a real nuisance. Firstly, you can add your name to the Do Not Call registrar here:

If the company continues to call, they are ignoring the law and could be scammers. You can then report them to the ACCC here:

You’ll want to collect what details you can (time of call, phone number used etc). Finally, you can also contact telecom provider and ask them for assistance - they may be able to investigate and block the call using their records.

Hope this helps,

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O. K this ongoing scam
Ive contacted ACCC with what information I’ve managed to collect. Only to be told they don’t exist. So I’m passing it on to you
These people hide they’re scan through posts on the internet ( facebook) seems to be youtube posts of talent shows .ie school students doing comic pieces .
Then a apple iphone competition comes up through # Best Preiumz. Co.
If you don’t give your financial info on their survey. You will be contacted by Quanyum code which informs yoy that someone wants to give you a large amount of money. I pressed the play to see what thid group is about only to find some kind of count down
My gut told me to delete the thread so i have.