SBS TV Electronic Program Guide (EPG)

We’ve recently become aware of a couple of video recorders which can no longer display the SBS EPG, although they can still display EPG information for other channels, and can display all SBS channels, just not the EPG data.

We know that SBS have made recent changes to their EPG data, but their changes are compliant with the DVB-T standard (the standard used for terrestrial TV broadcasting in Australia), and as far as we know, no other recorders have an issue with them.

One product is the Bush View21. The other is the Sony Playstation 3 PlayTV. Neither of these are still offered for sale. Bush have said that they don’t know when or if they will provide a software update for the View21. Sony have said that they won’t be providing an update for the PlayTV as it is a discontinued product.

If you are experiencing problems with viewing the SBS TV EPG, please let us know.


SBS’ EPG always displays on our Topfield PVR, but what can get annoying is the EPG can sometimes time shift. It goes from being real time to several hours behind or sometimes a couple of hours ahead. It’s really weird and only happens with SBS.