Sard Colour Catcher dye remover first look

Ever accidently put your reds in with your whites? The Sard Colour Catcher aims to be the solution to colour runs - we test to see if it actually works.

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I thought “Catcher in the dye” would elicit some “rye” comments. Wry didn’t anybody make they yet? :smile:

(please note, misspelling is intentional.)


As was the groan you might have just heard. :smiley:


I tried these a while back and concluded the most valuable feature is making the colour catcher sheet look like a dyed bit of paper fabric.

The test was a white T-shirt and some other clothes that got mixed in with a not so new red but also not washed more than 10 times top, and a catcher sheet, and voila I got pink things, not my styling.

I then tried Rit colour remover to get the pink out. It got the pink completely out of some items but not others, fabric dependent.

I concur with the report in full and suggest Choice add a review of colour removal products (Rit, Dylon, and probably others).