Samsung’s galaxy flames out

Samsung has recalled 51,060 Galaxy Note7’s following the global tech giant’s failed launch which has seen 35 incidents around the world.

CHOICE is aware of one alleged incident in Perth that saw a Samsung device fail, leaving burn marks on a hotel bed and carpet. We also understand Samsung is investigating a number of incidents across Australia.

If you have purchased one of these phones outright, your best option is to get an immediate refund from Samsung or the place of purchase. It’s a different story if the phone comes as part of a contract for service with a telco. In this instance, if the service can no longer be provided because the phone is dangerous, you might have a right under the guarantees within consumer law to cancel the service.

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The Galaxy 7 Note has finally been taken out of production

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CHOICE is aware of a new international report that another model of Samsung phone has caught fire. The Galaxy J5 is also sold in Australia through Kogan.

Have you had a problem with this smartphone?

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Samsung charging station


The irony continues for Samsung after a plant caught fire due to faulty batteries.

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Samsung in hot water over their Galaxy water resistant advertising.

It must be bad if the ACCC has actually bothered to take action.


We’ll be watching this one with interest. I suppose at least there are no fires this time