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Samsung Galaxy S8 review


Cutting edge design, but at $1199 does it push all the buttons? @DenisGallagher reviews the new Samsung Galaxy S8.


I just broke my Note 5 yesterday afternoon, and JB Hi-Fi just price-dropped this phone to $800 this morning. Coincidence? I think not!

Time to compare this and the LG V30+, which was also recently price-dropped.


Let us know what you decide :iphone:


In another coincidence, I’ve recently acquired a 2nd hand one of these too. Just in time to replace my 4yo Moto G2, in which the USB socket was becoming rather worn, making it rather difficult to impossible to charge most of the time. Tilting my head sideways and poking out my tongue ocassionally worked :wink:

I’m still getting the hang of the S8, but initially I thought the screen was rather narrow, although this makes it easier to squeeze into my Camelback when cycling. I like the mult-level energy saving, which allows the phone to be left on overnight with minimal reduction in battery capacity.
I’ve read that it is waterproof to 1.5m, but have yet to test that out filming trout in my aquaponics system :wink:


S8 by far! A much superior camera, build quality, and functionality. This was only worth it after the price drop though.

Fortunately, my phone broke right before an exotic weekend away to the real Moreton Island (not just the resort, but camping in the bush!), so I got to test out the S8’s water-resistant capabilities and camera functions. I am thoroughly impressed!


Cool, glad to hear it is performing well. Sounds like a great trip as well, would love to see some of your shots if you care to share them :camera_flash: