Samba matches - your experiences

After purchasing some Samba safety matches, a Twitter user sent us this video that shows the matches failing to catch alight after being struck. Searching online on Product Review, it appears that a quite a few people have had similarly poor experiences. As the matches are widely available in Bunnings and Woolworths, I’m wondering if anyone else can confirm a similar experience? If so please leave a comment below. It looks like a case of buyer beware.



It gives a new meaning to ‘safety matches’. This makes them very safe.


Can’t argue with that!


Perhaps Choice can do a test. Samba vs Redheads. I know what I buy, and have always bought. And it is not Samba.


I have had this same experience, however, it is rare.

It is like one or two matches here and there.

I don’t see these as any better or worse than Redheads personally.

I’ve had some boxes of Redheads where there’s a match or two in there so thin it can’t be used or so brittle it snapped as soon as it was pressed against the strike pad.

I have found the match sticks of Samba to be a thicker, stronger wood than Redheads and don’t think I’ve managed to break them through normal use.

Therefore I don’t think it’s a case of buyer beware and avoid, it’s just a different problem to Redheads.

The head on the match seems to be thicker than Redheads. I find Samba light easier but they do flame up and burn much quicker than Redheads in my experience.

A mass produced product that is designed to be destroyed, effectively, is never going to be 100% reliable.

I would like to see more choice in the market though it’s literally these two brands and that’s it.