Safer pet food event (Sydney)

Prime Ministers may come and go, but our love for pets lasts forever. And we’ve got an exciting update in the fight for safe pet food regulation.

Next Wednesday, a Senate Committee will hold a special hearing in Sydney on pet food regulation – and thanks to your support of our petition, CHOICE has been invited to appear.

We’ll be championing safer pet food loud and proud in the public hearing, but to make sure this issue hits the news, we’re holding a special media event ‘A Dog’s Breakfast’ the morning of the Senate hearings and we’d love you – and your pets - to come!

This will be a fun event where you’ll be able to meet other CHOICE supporters, and show the Senate Committee how many of us care about safe pet food. There will be coffee and snacks (and pet food too) and if you’re lucky, your pooch could star on the news that night!

What: “A Dog’s Breakfast”, our special media event to champion safe pet food
When: 7:30am - 8.00am Wednesday 29 August
Where: Outside CHOICE’s offices, Mackey Park, Marrickville, 2204
What to bring: Yourself (and your pets!)


The issue of contamination by other non friendly/ hazardous products is obviously already on the agenda.
But, as a relatively new pet owner, It would be great if pet food and TREATS had proper nutritional information like there is for us humans. Apart from the regular percentages of protein, fat, fibre, moisture and ash etc that we already see for some brands, Salt, Sugar and maybe better fat breakdown would be great. Of course then we would need a minimum and max standard on what is suitable for different pets, but that opens whole other can of worms!!


I’ll be there with one or both of these cuties!


Some photos from our event this morning :dog:

CHOICE staff left the event and headed straight to the senate enquiry to highlight the current issues with the lack of pet food regulation in Australia.


The LNP Government will tell you that industry self regulation is the nirvana of efficiency and effectiveness! Shock / horror: Are you saying you don’t agree?

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Yes how dare they impugn unethical profit taking, after all it is the only way that unscrupulous merchants can make a quid without doing the right thing and still pay some pollies to look the other way. The audacity of some people asking for ethical behaviour. If the sarcasm was not evident I do apologise to the readers of this comment.