Ryobi RTL 36D Whipper Snipper bump feed design fault

I bought an RTL 36D but found trouble with the bump feed. It had clips that were impossible for me to undo. Ryobi was brilliant and facilitated a return (after 2 days) to Bunnings. Bunnings were also very helpful. The Bunnings person said that he had reported to Ryobi the clips being too hard to manage for most users. He had trouble himself. But well done to both companies for a smooth full refund.


A good news story, but considering the problem and the ACL you could and perhaps should have gone straight to Bunnings and received a refund, no hassle or facilitation required.


I had spent time registering with Ryobi which automatically increases the warranty from 4 to 6 years. So I thought I would seek their advice on how to solve my problem before returning. I could not, see post but thought it would make it easier at Bunnings to talk to their warranty people. The tech just transferred the call . It may not have been necessary, It is a design fault not a manufacturing fault.


Hi @davidlcleland

I have moved your post into the "Design :+1: or :-1: " category based on your comment above.

Glad to hear that you received a full refund. Hope you managed to find another whipper snipper that suited you.


I had the same problem but mine is seval days older ( 12 months ) the head assembly needs to be kept very clean and there are two slots at the base below the clips I just operate one at a time and use a screwdriver for leverage if is tight. Raise one side then do the other. When working properly it is a good system even for my arthritic young (72) fingers. Need some help when it is tight.