Rugged Industries Bagless Backpack Vacuum

While they are marked as a commercial vacuum for home use, a backpack vacuum has also been of interest to me and also many of our friends.

Having the unit on one’s back means it is far more manoeuvrable and also may allow quicker vacuuming times.

I have seen this one by an Australian company:

and it may be worth for Choice to test to see how it stacks up against traditional vacuums. They are also reasonably priced as well.


Unfortunately their website leaves a bit to be desired, in that it is not clear from the outset what the difference between the four variants are.


It may also be useful to observe how often backpack vacs are used in commercial (office) and hospitality.

I’ve not often seen these in use despite much office hopping and domestic travel. Typically for a quick vac in areas that are in constant use where getting in and out to do confined or small areas with minimal disruption. You are still tethered to a PowerPoint, unless you invest in a very expensive battery model. Turning in narrow spaces I’d be fearful of what might be destroyed by the rear overhang. Inability to remember the day pack for work still attached relevant. Mostly my inherited rear overhang is more of a sag than a problem in tight spaces.

If Choice is keen perhaps a few nights at a selection of 4 star hotels and apartment hotels might prove useful research? :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, most houses are large and require more than one cordless battery charge…and I suspect most vacuums are corded (for whole house cleans) unless for spot cleaning or small jobs.

Maybe Choice could survey members to see usage and types used for different applications. This might assist in the general vacuum reviews as well.


Yes, it may prove very useful.
The wise one is a stick battery girl. The skirting boards appreciated the change in strategy, and the stick comes out more frequently as it’s always to hand. Similar perhaps to how a compact battery back pack vac might be seen. Utopia is likely an upright stick in the corner of every room.

I’ve found for the more serious work an industrial bagless wet and dry, with optional bag installed and filter pad is pretty much ideal. The caveat is a good selection of accessories and a double length suction hose. That way the vacuum unit only needs to be moved once per area or small room, twice for larger. Far lighter than any Dyson or Hoover. If only they were quieter?


Mr Z uses a heavy duty corded bag-less backpack vacuum cleaner. His back sweats, the noise is right next to his ears, it needs a long extension cord, getting in & out of the harness needs a flexible body, the exhaust air is hot with a smell of dust. It leaves him exhausted, but he likes the concept better than a barrel vac. He also likes the bag-less idea - he tips it out on the lawn with the idea that if he is missing a widget he can comb through all the piles to find it. I use a Vax wet & dry with a bag and prefer that.