Rubbish a/v gear

List any a/v gear that should be avoided and details of issues. We’ve got an lg per that just crashes as regular as clockwork.

Hi Michael, can you let us know the model number, and if possible, the software version that it is running ?

Sure it’s a lg hr925t

I’m not sure I understand
Only time I every had trouble was a Pioneer where the included subwoofer would reset every 10 minutes interrupting the excitement.

A new cable was hard to achieve due to the Subwoofer RCA different that a normal AV RCA cable.

Got another Subwoofer cable and the whole issue went away.

Sometimes the solution is simpler than expected

Visit LG’s own website and check the reviews on the unit you have . Basically all 1 star out of 5 . I think that says it all . At least LG should be applauded for not vetting their customer reviews I suppose . Hopefully things will work out for you . Maybe they have a firmware update coming soon . From what I’ve read that unit could do with it .

Thanks Michael. I’m just back from holidays - sorry to respond late. Can you confirm that you’re running the latest firmware, which is BR.8.97.143.B ?

Confirmed - yes running this version

Thank you Michael. I doubt that LG will provide further updates for this model. May I ask when you bought it ? There may be a chance of getting some recompense from the retailer, but it will depend on how long you’ve had it…