Romano Morrocan Medley Cous Cous Confusion

If you have a look at the bottom left on the front of the packet (first pic) it states that it SERVES 3. On the back of the pack (second pic), in the directions for use, after adding water and fluffing it up it now only SERVES 2!
What happened to the missing serve??


What does the nutrition panel say is a Serve? It says serves 3 … as a side dish … or a complete meal (although I would be concerned at the lack of major nutrients to make this “complete”).


Here is the top of the rear showing the nutrition panel, where it states that “Servings per package: 2”, which concurs with the directions for use.

This still contradicts the front panel which states “Serves 3, served as a side dish or complete meal

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It says the serving of 50g (dry) 130g (cooked) is 9% of daily calorie intake. So if you had it three meals a day you would get 27% of daily intake. Just about anybody would quickly lose weight on that much food, some would starve. Pretty obviously one serving is not a meal. So what is a ‘serving’? How long is a piece of string? I can see a packet of 100g (260 cooked) making a light lunch for one but for 2 or 3 - tell 'im he’s dreaming.


Clearly an overstep and misleading advertising on the front panel as evidenced by the preponderance of data showing 50g per serve in a 100g packet.


And with only 774kJ for a serving as a ‘complete meal’ assuming two serves per pack; three meals per day = 2324kJ total per day. Well below common recommended adult daily intakes of 6,000-8,000kJ.

There are diets, crash diets, and near starvation? Is approx $20 per kg good value for cous cous?

If there is a positive compared to meals at MacDonalds, Hungry Jacks, KFC etc work out around $2 or more per 1000kJ. At least the Moroccan Medley delivers for around $0.60 per 1,000kJ.

Although you can get 100% of your RDI of calories in a single meal at any of the fast food outlets. Supersize Me (not)!

Apologies to @syncretic, same thoughts.


Must all be in the fluffing? and mirrors? :slight_smile: