Robot vacuum and mop in one

After Choice’s recent testing on robot vacs I went ahead and purchased a Xiaomi Mi robot for around $400. Excellent value and does a fantastic job on my floors. (It rates low on carpet but I didn’t need it for that). Now I’m wanting a vac that mops as well. Don’t want to waste my money so hoping our community could assist? (doesn’t need to be good on carpet) many thanks!


The robotic vacuum cleaner My Genie ZX1000 appeals as it also has a ‘mop cleaner’ and a water storage tank. I currently use a Dyson Fluffy, which I’m not unhappy with, (in fact I think it’s brilliant) but as I have ‘body mechanical problems now’, (ie back and feet) I’m wondering if anyone else has used the two different functions on the above type of cleaner. I’m aware of the problems they may have getting into corners, but I’m looking at an overall solution which will compensate for me feeling like a train wreck after vacuuming and floor cleaning. I have a Devon Rex cat, so I really don’t need to worry about the shedding of hair, just general cleaning of my floors. I did try to find information via Product Review which were mixed, and also via Choice, but I was only able to find 8 general comments on other types of Robotic Cleaners. Any comments would be very helpful I’m sure.


I have moved your post into an existing thread asking about the same thing. Unfortunately, no-one was able to help @karlj earlier this year, but perhaps they might have gained some knowledge in the meantime that would assist you.


Thank you. I can but ask the question. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


I am in a similar situation to what you write - did you end up purchasing the

• MyGenie ZX1000?

• if you did what has its performance been like please?


Good morning,

As I couldn’t get an answer from anyone else who had bought one, I decided against buying it. Sorry to disappoint you.