Robin's Kitchen "Closing Down For Renovation Sale"

I would like to nominate Robin’s Kitchen for a Shonky for their recent “closing down for renovation sale” at Stockland Shopping Centre in Earlville, FNQ as per my post under Scams.


Our local Robin’s Kitchen had two of these within about 6 months. First one was legitimate in that the store was refurbished to the Shopping Centre requirements. The last one I am not sure what they did but it was a sale. From memory to claim that it is a sale they have to have a reason (which can be as flimsy as a piece of wet rice paper in a cyclone), not sure if that is still or was really ever the case but if they changed the shelving in a corner of the storeroom that could be “renovation”.


But they certainly would not need to clear the store to do so.

Did you notice if they had a glass cabinet to display unpacked knives?


Yes they do. The renovation stuff is just a reason and it doesn’t require that a whole store is renovated to be acceptable as a reason…sadly just a reason to call it a sale.


Was the glass cabinet installed during the renovation and how long ago was the renovation?

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They had one in the store for about 2 years from memory. I don’t go there often, only to buy the enamel coated baking trays they seem to stock that no one else does. Typically in most other types of stores eg Big W the trays are coated with non stick which we abhor. The reno that occurred first was an actual refurb that had a repaint, new shelving and new flooring, the second one that just occurred was to my eyes indistinguishable from the first but as I said a single shelf change could be enough to call it a renovation.

As to dates the first one was about 6 months ago so May June sort of time frame and took about 2-3 weeks to complete, latest one was about a day to do, if that long.

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Did they have a “closing down for renovation sale”?

It sounds like the glass display cabinets must not be mandatory if they are being fitted ad hoc at various stores.

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Yes that is what they called it @Fred123, both times. They did close just one was so short as to be almost like a flitting dream.

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Most every shop closes every night, to reopen anew :wink:


Yes. But without any shonky sale advertising.

But it seems they could. Then there is the ‘going out for business’ sales.

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Another nomination for Robins Kitchen.

Another false closing sale with the “80%” very prominently displayed but with the “up to” in a size so small that one needs a magnifing glass.

The sign is not some cheap paint on the window or butchers’paper.

It is printed on quality fabric and is obviously intended to be reused, either at this store again later and/or transferred to other stores.