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Road Deaths In Australia Since 1989


An article regarding road deaths in Australia since 1989.


Thank you for posting this. It is definitely something we all need to look at and particularly our behaviours and abilities when we are on the roads.

The cost not only in money but lives changed and destroyed is a matter of grave concern for us all.


From the article: “Seven in 10 road fatalities are men. Men are more likely than women to drive aggressively and take risks, research shows.”

This is just a personal opinion, but in Sydney where I live, it seems drivers are just getting more and more aggressive. Tail gating, speeding and otherwise undertaking dangerous manouvres on the road seems to be the norm unfortunately :cry:

My theory is the increased amount of roadwork and construction is partly responsible for driving these trends.


An article regarding trialling tiredness testing of Victorian drivers.

I guess that not being tired whilst driving will help them to be able to better use their smart phones.

Some of the drivers I see around Cairns on a daily basis seem to be already asleep at the wheel.