Rice with only 22% Carbohydrate?

After we bought Imperial Grain Basmati rice from Aldi, we noticed that the it list only 22.4% (22.4g per100g) carbohydrates in the nutrition information section. Is this even possible?

We also noticed that close to 75% of rice is made up of things not listed in the nutrition information section.

Is this even possible? We had a look at other rice we have. They all has close to 75% carbs.



Hi @dds, the above label on the rice from Aldi looks like it is referring to cooked rice (“using gentle boil method”) whereas the other labels are probably referring to uncooked rice. Any liquid that is absorbed in the cooking process is what affects the measurements.


Have just checked our rice collection and Pakistani basmari is 79% (two brands) and Australian Jasmine is 77% and wholemeal basmati is 42%.

These are dry weight percentages which seems to be the standard in our pantry and listing wet weights only as Aldi does is misleading especially if one is comparing other brands.


Thanks for the clarification.

As @phb said, it’s misleading. It’s similar to Milo giving them 4 stars, but only with skim milk.


This is definitely misleading and should be picked up by the authorities.
Else, I’m certain it should clearly state ‘rice boiled in water and the excess water discarded contains …?g or ?% carbs’

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Hi, I have a electric plug in rice cooker, they seem to absorb most of the water, they don’t seem to loss steam and the rice is always cooked and fluffy… You could put rice into a bowl and pour boiling water over it and let the water be absorbed, which will depend on how much rice you use to hot water. I just do that for me with an old bowl and pour on the water, so I have not measured it, I just went with trial and error. You will need to use that method when you plan a meal. these are the ways you can keep any nutrition and food value in your food. Hope that is of value to anyone that reads this.


I have not looked at Basmati rice labels but as it is the recommended rice for diabetics I would have assumed that it would have had a lower carb content than other rice.
For the lo carb fanatics, you can also buy Slendier rice (style) from IGA which has less than 1 g carbohydrate per 100g. . It is not rice at all, but a pre-cooked look alike made from the vegetable Konjac. For dieters it is also only 10 calories per 100 g. Regrettably it comes from China.


What would be wrong with dressing up konjac as something else? You start with a substance that has no calories, no flavour, no colour, no smell and the texture of cold snot. The only way is up.