Returning faulty items

I recently purchased a 3 drawer filing cabinet from a large well known retailer. After unpacking it and opening the drawers I realised it was damaged and unable to be used. The retailer allows both a return or refund within 30 days and I have contacted them to do so. However, the item is too heavy for me to return on my own and I am concerned about further damage or injury if I try. What are my rights here? Can the retailer be held responsible for returning the faulty item to their premises. They have advised me it is my responsibility until I get it into the car park and then it is theirs. Thanks.


See this…and assume it was delivered to you…

Under the Australian Consumer Law, the business will be responsible for its collection from your house/office as the item is to heavy to reasonably expect you to return it.

Let them know under the ACL, they are responsible.

If you took the package home youself, it may be difficult to mount an argument that it is too heavy and therefore they are responsible for its collection.