Retrofitted wall insulation in brick veneer

Is there any experience of retrofitted wall insulation in Brick veneer homes?
especially interested in “blow In” extruded glass

I don’t have direct experience with this system however from my experience in building I’ll make the following comments.

One of the purposes of the cavity in brick veneer walls is to prevent water and dampness travelling from the outside to inside of the house. If you fill the cavity you risk losing this protection.
Could I suggest if you are obtaining quotes you ask the contractors to confirm, in writing, that their system complies with the Building Code of Australia and they warrant (in writing) that it will not allow water and dampness to pass to internal areas. In NSW the warranty should be covered by the statutory warranty of 6 years however, it would be wise to also have it in writing. Not all contractors are conscious and/or honest about these risks. Hence the need for building reforms currently under way.

If they can’t provide these assurances, you risk creating a damp problem with such a system.


Thank you for this advice

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Welcome to the community @margruss.

We’ve installed wall insulation with the initial build. IE Wall batts that fit between the wall wrap and plasterboard.

Depending on when and how your home has been constructed there will be one of several different types of membrane/wrapping material on the outside of the timber framing of the house. There is always an ventilated air gap between the framing and external brick wall. This is important for moisture/damp control.

The use of loose fill insulation in this space may not be permitted depending on local building regulations. The following offers broad guidance, including that advice.

Some further options and details.

It’s important to ensure your installer is licensed to carry out building work and insured in accordance with your local building regulations. Speak with other customers (local references) in person. It’s also important to be determine if the installer is reliable.