Replacing Gas underfloor heating with electric "zoned" heating

I am keen to get rid of gas underfloor heating although it works well. I have had a quote to replace the system with an ACTRON Air 13kw ESP plus system with 3 zones. The total quote is $13,860. An unzoned system by Toshiba was quoted at $8,400 plus GST.
I havent been able to find impartial information on which I could base a decision.( We already have 8 solar panels and solar hot water on the roof of our 4 bedroom double brick old refrigerator of a house in Sydney, so don’t need air con .) Can Choice Community help?


Hi @pmslaytor, welcome to the community.

If you don’t want aircon and have been happy with gas underfloor heating in the past, have you thought about turning it into a solar run system?


The gas heater for the underfloor hydronics can be replaced with a high efficiency electric heat pump. It will provide the same great benefits of the existing underfloor system at potentially a lower cost. IE retain the underfloor hydronics and replace the gas heater?


The only benefit of a reverse cycle air conditioning system is the ability to cool and dehumidify effectively in summer as well as heat in winter. Although RC air conditioners can dry the winter air more than is comfortable.

My past experience of living in Sydney is of a relatively mild climate, unless one lives away from the coast.


Our house is not based on a concrete slab, so I dont think this would work. am I right? It is an old (1909) house built on brick piles, with wooden floors.

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Is what you are describing a ducted heating system, using gas with an external heating unit? Whether the ducts are installed in the roof space or under floor space, both are options with ducted systems.

‘Underfloor’ may be how your system is described by the installer but a description which is a little confusing. Underfloor heating is generally associated with hydronic heating using recirculated hot water and pipe/tube imbedded under the floor. Hydronic heating often uses gas as a heat source for the ‘boiler’.

Assuming your heating system is a ‘ducted’ system it would be reasonable to consider an upgrade or replacement of the gas heater with an electric powered heat pump. Any supplier of ducted air conditioning should be able to offer a replacement. It’s likely they will offer a replacement that can heat and cool as needed.

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Underfloor heating for timber floors will work see…

It really depends on you budget and type of heating you are after (instantaneous, constant etc).