Renters’ rights moving out

Hi we ahave just moved out from a rental. We gave 2 months notice. After a 4 yr tenancy. Cleaned it pretty well. Had a professional do the bathroom and kitchen and carpets. We received a condition report from an agent 2 weeks later asking us to return to do more. Some items quite unreasonable. We want our bond returned and believe we have done what is reasonable within the tenancy which was previously direct with the landlord. What do you recommend?

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The forum is not a source of legal advice and issues between a tenant and landlord or agent are not subject to opinions that we can offer.

A list of expectations from the industry side is

Many tenancy issues are state specific and may even be enumerated in your rental lease so check there first. You could try contacting the owner to discuss if you think the agent is over the top.

There are also tenant advocacy groups that can offer further advice. Search for one in your state.




The delegated government bodies in each state or territory provide online advice or guides as to what is required. Difference is the norm looking to the following sample.

Victoria, Condition reports - Consumer Affairs Victoria

QLD, Exit condition report | Residential Tenancies Authority

WA, Protect yourself with a property condition report - Tenants bulletin 22 | Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety