Refund of delivery fee for faulty product


Are businesses meant to refund you the full purchase cost, including the delivery fee when returning a faulty product? I bought an item which was faulty out of the box - would not switch on or charge, however have been refunded only the cost of the item excluding delivery. I took it in store for the refund.

e.g Item $300, Shipping $10. Total $310. Refund - $300.


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Hi @johndough, welcome to the community.

It is an interesting one. It isn’t as clear cut as with returning a product which has a fault. Even though it isn’t mandated per say, a reasonable person would expect it to occur. If say that the item was small and could have reasonable be collected from the retailer…and it was delivered back to the store when faulty, a business could argue that the delivery was for your convenience and may think they can chose not to refund the delivery costs. However, as indicated, a reasonable person would not expect this to be satisfactory.

If you had organised the delivery independently of the retailer, then they possibly aren’t responsible for the cost which was incurred.

If the delivery fee was for the return of a faulty product, this is more clear cut and yes, they would be responsible. See:

I would be formally writing to them requesting the reimbursement of the delivery costs.