Refilling coffee pods

On the subject of coffee pods, there are many makers of Nespresso compatible capsules. Probably that is why Nespresso created a new model the Vertuoline which cannot be readily copied by other manufacturers and to my knowledge no one makes alternative pods for their Vertuoline. Each capsule has a barcode which the machine reads and actions according to the code. There are multiple sizes, and the barcodes control everything the machine does. I presume it is a patented system.
My question is, what is the legality of refilling these existing aluminium capsules with one’s own coffee? This also does away with the need to recycle pods.
Its a bit like computer printers where the machine rejects cartridges from another source, If you could refill the original manufacturers ink cartridge then the printer would not reject them.


The fourth comment and beyond might be interesting to you.

Not legal advice: As you own the pod and as long as you are not making any commercial use, you should not worry about patent police knocking at your door. Go commercial and you can expect them quickly. It seems the patent goes to 2030.

However, that and other similar posts suggest it is not so easy to refill one that works with a consistent result, but maybe many do master the skills required?

OTOH a good manual like a Sunbeam EM5300 or EM7000, Breville BES870 or BES920 are cultures unto themselves and can provide a satisfaction of achievement unavailable from a pod machine once you master the fairly simple basics.



I have a very good sunbeam manual machine (old model but was a CHOICE recommendation) and separate burr grinder, but can’t beat the Nespresso Vertuo for ease of use. Refilling the capsules is relatively easy but requires some preparation time but getting shorter with experience.
I have also just acquired a simple cold brew coffee maker which uses the Dutch ice method, so have all the bases covered.


A necessity for shift-workers.(should be tax deductible)