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I ordered 6 DNR stickers off them I’m disabled can’t use Twitter or Facebook just wanted to email them are in UK it’s disgusting when they messed up order won’t use again I only got three stickers wrote it off as bad job first time I’ve used a firm abroad shan’t again I’m a guide on Google and trust pilot in UK wrote a review on them I’m a trusted reviewer only write honest reviews I think I’m a level 5 or 6 on Google and had lots of looks at my review so I wondered if you know of a postal address or email for them thanks

Hi @Lj567, welcome to the community.

I have been unable to get an email address for them (only ones are non-retail corporate ones which may not be of use)…and their retail selling platform website is scant on contact information. The website is set up for webform contact:

They do have a ‘Global’ Office in Melbourne, which is also their headoffice:

Head Office
Redbubble Limited
Level 12, 697 Collins Street,
Docklands, Victoria, 3008

They also have a phone number for their head office as well:

03 9650 0138

This number might be worth calling to see if they have a complaints team…to get their contacts.


Redbubble - Wikipedia also says that they have offices in San Francisco and Berlin, which may offer a better timezone if you can get a phone number, and their web site gives a postal address for the SF office at the bottom of the page.

I would definitely start by trying to resolve this using the standard customer support processes.

Approximately when was the order delivered to you?

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Found the stickers thanks thed put them all on same. Sheet so corrected my review on trust pilot and Google I’m highly satisfied now and given them four stars thanks for your help

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Red bubble was begun in Australia, I belonged when it was just photography (it was a bit like Flickr at the time) but as they moved to more mundane things I left and lost interest. I see they have gone global now and probably owned by some foreign entity.

(Just a general comment)

Nope. ASX listed.


Foreign owned companies can be and are listed on the ASX, they amount to about 5% of listings.

A bit of info provided by a Law Firm about foreign listings:

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Yes, but ASX listing rules place certain requirements such that if a company (whether foreign or domestic, whether listed or unlisted) acquired 100% of the shares in a listed company (in this case Redbubble) then the company would be forced to delist.

To be more specific:

Minimum number of shareholders: At least 300 shareholders with parcels of at least A$2,000 in value each, which number cannot include escrowed shareholders (mandatory or voluntary) or affiliated shareholders.

Minimum free float: At least 20 percent of the company’s share capital (by value) must be held by
shareholders who are not escrowed shareholders (mandatory or voluntary) or affiliated shareholders.

The point of these rules is to ensure that a company’s shares are, you know, traded.

Furthermore, ASX listing rules require certain disclosures about shareholdings, such that you can verify readily who owns how much among the top shareholders - and, in the extreme, you can require the company to provide you with a list of all shareholders with their contact information (such as is used by scammers).

Undoubtedly, many successful (or unsuccessful!) Australian companies eventually go down the road of being “acquired” (often by foreign companies, sometimes by private equity firms, sometimes in a management buyout) but in those situations the company will disappear from the ASX. It makes no difference whether the acquiring company is foreign or domestic.

That does not appear to have happened so far to Redbubble, is all I’m saying.

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Yes if wholly owned by a foreign company it would not be listed or traded.

Red Bubble would be an Australian company as you point out contrary to the inference based on @SueW’s statement, that it was likely bought out by a foreign Company/Owner.

My point was purely to show just because a Company is listed here does not infer that it is Australian owned or based. It can be, that if the required number of foreign investors bought out an Australian Company and moved where it is registered to a foreign destination, a foreign company and still listed here as well. Not likely to be anything but the rarest of occurrences if it has even ever happened.


I have placed several orders (all t-shirts) over the last few months with RedBubble. Plenty of selections available. Reasonable pricing & excellent delivery time. On my last order, one of the t-shirts was a size too small. I followed the steps to arrange an exchange but was very surprised & pleased when I was advised to keep the shirt and the replacement was sent free of charge. Excellent customer service from RedBubble.