Recommendations for inflatable spa

We are considering getting an inflatable spa, more for cooling off in our hot qld summer, has anyone a recommendation please

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I guess you would be looking for a cool spa, not a hot one. So basically a pool that has some water jets.

Not something I have ever seen tested by Choice. Maybe just a job for Google search and see what you find.

Perhaps for your purpose a small above ground pool would be cheaper to buy and to run.

The question was more likely about something like this one, a random hit not a recommendation. An all weather solution. Perhaps I misread as the OP is in Qld?

FWIW many people do not know that even portable spas and pools are often subject to fencing requirements of full scale pools and spas, built in or otherwise. A portable has benefits (esp simplified installation), but not as many as some expect. It depends on the water depth. Locally the only exclusions to fencing mandates are essentially kiddie wading pools.

Could you be more prescriptive in what you seek?


Good to note Bunnings are forthright with that advice. Inflatable Spas - Bunnings Australia

There are numerous customer reviews on the Bunnings web site. Assume similar for the other major retailers offering similar products.

We have friends with an inflatable spa product.
Fencing is one need. Council approval another.

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