Recommendations for Estate Planning Lawyers in NSW?

Does anyone have a lawyer they recommend for estate planning? A good friend of mine from NSW who now lives in the US but wants to draw up a will in NSW is looking for recommendations.

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Others are reading so your reply will be here for the future if anyone else has a similar question. There is a broad community and many topics of potential interest.

Estate Planning in respect of a lawyers responsibilities. The Qld view. Yes, each state is independent. Best to look at your own state for the fine details.

Estate planning is the overarching term used for making decisions in relation to:

  • preparing a will – which allows you to nominate how your assets are to be distributed, who will act as guardians for your children and who will act as the executors and trustees of your estate
  • preparing an enduring power of attorney – which allows you to nominate how you would like to have your personal, financial and health care matters managed, should you lose capacity to make those decisions.