Recommend a kids Smartwatch?

Hi all, any recommendations for a kids (target age is 9-13) smartwatch? Had a look at the local JB Hifi, and picking were slim - I was looking for something that doesn’t lock us into an app infrastructure for calling/ messaging (which both Pixbee and Spacetalk seem to), or to a specific plan for connectivity (which Moochie seems to).

Another recommendation was Kidsoclock, but that again locks into it’s app (which I’m beginning to realise may be inescapable for these things).

Amazon seems to have a whole heap, and haven’t really looked elsewhere, so hoping for recommendations. Main ask is for something with a school mode (ie limited functions during school time), lets us track the kids location, and give them something that they can send/ receive messages and calls on(from selected contacts) .

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Not a recommendation but one example of a similar product which has a similar list of features to those desired.

Our current experience with two other Garmin smart watch models for the adult market have been positive. Reliable, great battery life and readily replaceable wrist bands. Our family experience with Fitbit (unreliable) and Apple (expensive & short battery life) alternatives are also noteworthy, for all the wrong reasons.


I think Apple Watch SE could fill a lot of the needs. There’s something called family setup for the wearer with no iphone, you’d need to talk to a “genius” about what it all entails. But yes… expensive. Battery isnt really an issue if you throw it on the charger when kid goes into shower/bath, or overnight when sleeping if you don’t need to track sleep. “Find my” will sort out knowing where he/she is. Stopping use during school hours… nope, don’t think so but setting up a second watch face with no “stuff” except the time…

I’ve just never seen a smartwatch with all your requirements.