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Really Portable “PolarAIR” evaporative cooler


It had to happen. Mitre10 have added another doubtful product to the range.

As if the properties on “The Block” were not enough to cement the chains claim to fame.

A standard USB port, which it can run off provides just 2.5W of electrical power. Compared to everyday household Evap Coolers with motors from 100W up to 1000W it would be far from powerful. Assuming the Lion branded product is a full 2.5W input you might see up to 50W of cooling output.

That’s about the same as holding an ice cube in your hand for 5 minutes and watching it melt, at a simple guess. 🥳

The performance of the cooling device also assumes the humidity on the day is quite low, so useless any where tropical or coastal or where things that grow have any evidence of a green colouring? No fine print warning to suggest performance may vary depending on weather conditions. An ice cube in each hand might be a better choice?

P.S. I did post details of the promotion of a similar product - a different and online shopping site only. The spiel was less transparent in what it was. And many times more polished in what it claimed to deliver.


Good find, I’ll pass this on to our product testing team. I wonder if the product is comparable to small USB powered fans? If so, nearly $50 is also pretty costly.


Surely the use of the word Polar in the name is misleading and deceptive? It’s never going to blow air that cold!


Sound like it may be full of hot air.


I believe I have seen something like this advertised elsewhere and they said it was only suitable for cooling a small number of cubic metres (maybe four or five?).

I thought at the time it was a waste of money, because it’s cooling capacity would only be suitable for in a car, but who would want to run that in a car?


I suspect that car would need to be parked in a coolroom! That little box is never going to make much of a difference to any significant volume of air. The power consumption is a hint, 2.5watts vs kilowatts of power required to run a proper car AC.


Way too expensive for what it is. There are a shedload on ebay as well. My bedroom window a/c died a couple of years back and I was looking at these but they are tiny and only designed to cool your head, it seems to me. Or your feet. You wont get cool all over. Regular price is usually around $50 and thats just silly. I wouldnt get one even if they were free.


Are they a peltier type cooler? Still I would doubt at the supply power that they would cool very much at all and then you have to vent the heat generated by the device to somewhere not in the area.


None of the above?

Plastic box, cheap 5v computer style cooling fan, and a wet sponge with small water filler. If you look closer at the Mitre 10 advert there is a crude cut away view.

Hot dry air in +fan +water = cool moist air out. Looks just like an evaporative cooler. Mitre 10’s out if you buy one, live in the tropics, and the product seems to do nothing more than blow hot wet air at you.


It’s a politician then? :rofl:


Peltier devices are typically only a few percent efficient, and get worse the more heat you try to move, so if you are only putting in 2.5watts…

Definitely evaporative type, but still the cooling is going to be minimal - making them a complete waste of money


Not a politician, although the thought that having wasted your money on a PolarAIR, it is reassuring you can just drop it in the bin and move on. For politicians it might mean waiting up to four years to do the same. :rofl:


I decided to get a Close Comfort. It works in my bedroom as a personal cooler and is in no way comparable to your usual portable a/c but it works. Today, the temp outside went over 40º and in my bedroom was 32º. The CC kept me cool as I napped (I need my granny naps). It wont ever work as a room cooler. Worth a look. Maybe Choice could do some tests?