Range hood selection

We need to select a range hood for a new kitchen. The cooktop and stove will be 90cms so we need a larger range hood. The question is I have read a larger range hood ideally should be larger that the cooktop, but they only seem to be available to 85cm. Also we wanted an undercount so it has to fit with the size of the wall cabinet which is a 90cm. Any advise ?


Choice has material on this topic here. Some will be member only content.

I am unsure what you mean by “undercount”. Is it mounted under the bench holding the cooktop with the inlet on the same level as the cooktop or under the cupboard so it is over the cooktop?

My personal view is:

  • don’t touch recirculating
  • be aware that there is often a trade-off between noise and effectiveness
  • you can pay a great deal of money for good looks but that doesn’t necessarily mean good performance.

Welcome @Mich58,

Assume the OP is a typo and it is an enquiry re an ‘undermount’ range hood. Some fit into a reserved space beneath an overhead kitchen cupboard and others are built into the cupboard.


Agree with @syncretic, given the option we would choose an externally venting option over recirculating. Where cooktops not against an outside wall, there are options for overhead flue kits with roof penetrating vents that exhaust above the roof line.

A suggestion is it is the effective suction of the range hood that may be more important than the overall dimensions. A larger range hood may not be better if it does not have the velocity (suction) and volume rate to be effective. Part of the Choice product assessments.


I concur with the above comments.

We had an underperforming ducted rangehood (came with the house) and had electricians add a second extractor fan at the outside wall to improve performance. The second fan is turned on/off from a switch on a power point. It now sucks fumes from well outside its footprint.

How well it sucks is the most important feature, not how big it is.

Recirculating should only be used when external emission is not possible, as the recirculated air can blow greasy/oily air back into the kitchen.


The information re sizing just means that you don’t add a 600mm range hood over a 900mm cooktop. They are actually slightly smaller than the cooktop so they fit into a standard cupboard of the same size as the cooktop. The range hood over my 600mm cooktop actually only measures 500mm.

I currently have a very old Qasair (installed 2004), ducted outside. The current Qasair does not rate highly in Choice review but the one I have is brilliant - very simple design, with liftout filters that can be washed in dishwasher, good suction and very little noise on Low (rarely need to turn it up).